"Every planet within the Sal'kiir System is an exercise in extremism. Either the natural landscape, or the created habitats, are intense and varied. The main planet contains multiple regions with very little "blending." It goes to reason, then, that the people inhabiting these worlds would be just as extreme and intense." ~ Dannor Elin, Starfleet Diplomat

Omega Fleet is the newly-established fleet covering the Sal'kiir System and surrounding space to offer aid and protection to the new members of the Federation, as well as engage and encourage trade and cultural exchange. Omega Fleet is also point on the operation to adapt the unique Sal'kiiran propulsion engine for use by Starfleet--a project which may take years, but will be worth it. If they can keep the Breen, Cardassians, Tholians, and others from getting in the way in the meantime.

There are three separate functions to this site: Omega Fleet Command, the command structure and group of advisers working at fleet level; Kincardine Station command and crew, who run the station; and the Ships of the Fleet, fleshing out the rest of the fleet with COs from the sims and NPC ship captains.

There are three manifests--see links at the top of the personnel page. And logs are distinguished by the location/mission tag.

Latest Mission Posts

» SD 241811.12 || Joint Log || "Lionza/sh'Faila A New Path"

Mission: Ships of the Fleet
Posted on Mon Nov 12th, 2018 @ 10:09pm by Commander Oller sh'Faila & Commander Maria Lionza

Maria was looking over the list of ships within the fleet but paying attention to the more science-based ships. Like the USS Blossom a Luna class explorer. Shifting somethings around the Blossom would be dealing with the mysterious energy source coming from the nebula. While the Cavatica would explore the…

» SD241811.04 || Joint Log Lionza/NPCs || "Getting the shop in Order"

Mission: Omega Fleet
Posted on Sun Nov 4th, 2018 @ 2:15am by Commander Maria Lionza

Walking into the fleet lab area the bright white room was disorientating, "computer add some blue and soften the whites by 15%." Maria said guarding her eyes until the computer made the adjustments. "Ah....much better the Romulan hybrid muttered looking around. It was quiet but science labs tended to be…

» SD241810.31 || Joint Log || "Narrowing the Field"

Mission: Omega Fleet
Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 5:47pm by Commander Elleese Elloyia & Captain Sarah Deco

=/\= Brig area, Kincardine Station =/\=

Having received word that the freighter captain would be interrogated at 0900, Sarah had requested and obtained permission from station security to be present in the observation lounge. She arrived in the empty chamber at 0855 and helped herself to an OJ before taking…

» SD 241810.31 || Joint Log || "Family and Fleet"

Mission: Omega Fleet
Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 4:56pm by Vice Admiral Sadie Stanton & Commodore Terrik Roan

Word of the accident between the freighter and the shuttle carrying Admiral Stanton's children and Captain Deco reached Commodore Terrik quickly, and once she got word that the three occupants of the shuttle were ok, she turned her attention to what actually happened. She'd reached out to her partner and…

» SD 241810.26 || A New Home and a New Mission

Mission: Kincardine Station
Posted on Wed Oct 31st, 2018 @ 4:52pm by Captain Chandra Cardea & Commander Elleese Elloyia

Two full weeks since leaving Starbase 01 and Earth, two transfers, with a layover at Starbase Aurora, and Captain Chandra Cardea was minutes away from stepping foot onto her new home, and into her new role as Captain of Kincardine Station. The long transit time meant she had plenty of…